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6-13-18 BOT Minutes

Electronically approved by BOT members: 
June 19, 2018
Posted on Clubhouse Bulletin Board: 6.19.18
Sent to Webmaster for posting: 6.19.18
Olympia Yacht Club
BOT Meeting 6/13/18
6:00     Board of Trustees Regular Meeting   
  • Roll call of Trustees: Bob van Schoorl, Chairman; John Zermer (new 3-year Trustee); Dr. Mark Peckler (new 3-year Trustee); Marty Graf (Commodore); Andrea Sehmel, Secretary; Bob Beckman; absent and excused: Kevin Kennedy, Bill Wilmovsky
  • Approval of previous minutes – done electronically; May meeting minutes were posted on bulletin board and by webmaster Ron Morsette on OYC website
  • Open Meeting Communications from the floor
Bill Sloane, Past Commodore: Memorial Day Cruise accounting report received (attached)
  • Chairman report
    • South Sound Sailing Contract (attached to Minutes) – Guest, Jim Larsen, SSSS Commodore,  spoke. SSSS is appreciative of OYC’s affiliation, and they hope to be able to recruit some help for OYC in the future.  They request a re-signing of the two-year lease for their monthly meeting @ $125 + $25 for use of the gravel parking lot that night for their members and any guests. 
Bill Velez, Fleet Captain – Sail – spoke and described the terrific sailing expertise and design skill in the South Sound.  Bob van Schoorl said that the Fleet Captain – Sail typically assists with opening and closing of the building; the Clubhouse committee is working to find one of their members who can help with this sometimes.
Tim Ridley expressed concern that the rental fee for SSSS is less than for a OYC member to rent the facility at $200.  John Zermer commented that renting to SSSS is to a boating organization; any member rental is for personal use.
John Sherman stated that the Club Racing Program is very popular; the Toliva Shoal race is held as a joint venture between OYC and SSSS.
MOTION to approve the contract to be signed – seconded – accepted.
  • Appointing Treasurer – Treasurer Jon Bryant needs to be reappointed to his position concurrent with recent Change of Watch; he states he is willing to serve.
MOTION - Bill Sloane moved to re-appoint Jon Bryant Club Treasurer; seconded; so moved.
  • Demit:  Pat Brower
  • Demit:  Brian Benson 
Both paid in full perTreasurer. 
MOTION to approve demit of these members; seconded; so moved.
{Emails to acknowledge demit sent to both members 6/14/18 - Secretary}
  • Missy Watts – Young adult access
This is her third summer with the Club; has a family membership, but her husband does not participate in boating. Approached BOT last year after several unpleasant altercations involving her 22-year-old son. She stated she heard a comment at a board meeting that someone’s 30-year-old daughter uses their boat, and thought the BOT decided casually that she and her children could use the boat. She hopes (1) to reach an agreement as to how her children can use the Club this summer; and (2) that the possibility of a young professional membership category be considered; she is surprised that the issue hasn’t arisen before. 
Discussion. Any Board decision on the matter does not appear to have been clearly circulated. A young adult membership may yield future Club members.  The by-laws procedure to incorporate such a membership category would be a lengthy process. 
Mark Peckler: Insurance policies usually use the age of 26 as the cut-off age of dependents.  Golf clubs often have similarly-described junior memberships. 
Bob van Schoorl: the Board will discuss this issue in the very near future and he will respond to Missy within a week.
  • Delinquencies –
Six of concern: three members are making good headway; two have been in arrears for a long time; one has deceased and the estate has proven difficult to contact. Discussion by the Board regarding delinquencies and development of plan for payment. .
  •  Commodore report
Commodore’s Cruise first week of August
Deck party June 22nd - BBQ
  • Bridge reports
    • Memo (attached) from Fleet Surgeon, Dr. Richard Hurst – correspondence received regarding recent discussion of concern about allergic reactions occurring, particularly at Island Home; Epi pens; Benadryl.   
Andrea Sehmel described a recent situation from which this concern arose. Discussion regarding potential for allergic reactions such as insect stings or shellfish allergies, and event attendee response. The Island Home address will be posted in plain sight near Clubhouse phone in case of emergency; members should remain on the telephone with dispatch should an emergency call need to be made and be able to describe the person’s airway, breathing effort, and circulatory status (ABC’s).  Earl Hughes will hang a first aid poster for reference. 
The nearest aid station is 3 minutes away; if it is busy, EMS would be dispatched from Lake Limerick, Allyn, or Shelton, about 10 minutes’ travel time.  Members may consider having Benadryl on board and may wish to communicate their response plan to family or friends if a severe allergy or health condition exists. Bob van Schoorl stated that Rich Hurst’s First Aid and CPR courses are always informative, update us regarding practice changes, and teach many beneficial ways to help in an emergency; members are encouraged to attend them when they are offered.
  • Treasurer report and approval of payables – Jon Bryant
Explanation of check details, Profit & Loss QuickBooks reports offered by Jon; brief discussion of financials January – May 2018.
MOTION to approve payables; seconded; approved.
  • Committee Reports
    • Main Station – Tim Ridley
Last month, there was an issue regarding a member using two 30 amp circuits.More information came to light, and Tim stands by his disconnection of one of the circuits; Board is aware and agrees with this action.
Everyone receives the Directory and should please review it as questions arise. If Tim has to enforce a rule for one person, he has to enforce it for everyone.
Vendors are to park behind Storman’s from May thru September. Further, vendors should be parking by the fence, and be aware of their load, such as pipes extending into the parking lanes. Discussion.
Parking on weekends: nobody is to be in paved lot EXCEPT MEMBERS. Parking stickers are available from Robert for $1.50 and can be put in members’ cars only, MAXIMUM TWO CARS PER MEMBERSHIP in lots. Guest vehicles should be registered with the Caretaker - if guests are away over a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday inclusive), their car may NOT stay in our paved parking lot; they can, however, pay (with a Smart phone) to stay in the gravel lot.
Please review Rule 22, page 149, Directory. Discussion.
Tim requested that a fine be imposed to discourage improper parking lot usage: $25 if a member does not have a sticker and $100 if a guest is parked on the PAVED parking lot on weekends, i.e. FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY inclusive.(Guests MAY pay to park in gravel parking lot). Discussion.
  1. to enact this fine schedule; seconded; approved. 
  • Moorage – Mark Fleischer
Live-aboard statuses: How are we going to handle the people that come in and live aboard for 3 or 4 months in the summertime? One is currently here, and two more boats are coming in; all of these plus the current live-aboards would total 13, which is our maximum. Discussion. Temporary live-aboards must go through the usual application and request of the BOT. Rule states the maximum stay is 20 days in a 30-day period; this is in the updated by-laws on the website but has not yet made it to the Directory (printed annually). The question of how temporary live-aboards would be ‘counted’ towards the annual marina load or impact (as opposed to 13 full-time live-aboards) was raised.
Mark has repeatedly requested a boat owner to move his boat to another slip since February.The boat owner responded today and stated he wouldn’t be back in Olympia until early July.Per Rule 14, page 148, the owner will be sent notification that unless he moves his boat by a certain date, his boat will be moved for him. The Board indicated agreement with this plan. The Board supports and appreciates Mark’s work to manage and improve the Club’s moorage.
  • Long Range Planning – no report
  • Membership – Ron Wertz
Four new membership applications:
Don & Patti MALTASE – purchasing BH #518.  M/V ‘Jackson Union’
Paul & Sophia DONAHUE – M/V ‘Madera’
Chris WELCH & Judy SETINA – M/V ‘Le Bon Vie’
Chris & Kelly LEVESQUE – not requesting moorage at this time – M/V ‘Dream Weaver’
New members will be voted on by membership at the July 22nd BBQ on the deck.  The purchase of Boathouse #518 means that its previous owners do not own two boathouses anymore.
  • Clubhouse – no report
  • Island Home – Earl Hughes – report received
Additional safety ladder to be added
A 10-foot pole with a Wi-Fi repeater will be installed and tested to see if signal can be improved
  • Community and Government Affairs – Kelly Thompson
Working off the Charter incorporated at the last BOT meeting, the committee is trying to define, establish and discover potential partnerships.
Any requests for donations will be considered by the committee.The Committee would like to act as the contact for any community requests for either donations or financial contributions.
The Olympia Downtown Association (‘ODA’) recently responded to an action on the part of the City Council to build a couple of licensed encampments for the homeless; a meeting took place last week.The question of where these will be sited has not yet been answered; ODA feels the encampments should be spread out in Thurston County. Downtown is felt to be overwhelmed with the homeless population. A couple of OYC members attended this meeting and expressed their privately-held (not OYC) opinions on the matter. Discussion. There is a rumor that one site being considered is kitty-corner from the Club, near the bridge {per Kelly, since the BOT meeting, this query was again raised and the knowledgeable party neither confirmed nor denied the possibility - Secretary}.
Using the Eugene, OR model; the intention is to try to keep encampments small. CGA is trying to keep in touch with the City Manager as he identifies potential locations. ODA can be a tremendous ally.
The committee has also identified five people on the committee who will liaise with the City of Olympia, Thurston County round table; Port of Olympia, ODA, State of Washington; more will be announced.
  • Safety and Education – no report
  • Sailing Education Program – Fern Zabriskie – report received
Thanks to many for recent support (see attached).  Sailing team came in 17th at Nationals last month in Galveston, beating out larger teams in our region.
The summer program is starting up.
There is a need for a volunteer to assist the Racing Team in collecting payments, writing correspondence and speaking with parents.
  • Budget and Finance – report sent electronically to BOT from Joe Downing; Gary Ball will take over Joe’s position next month. Report reviewed by BOT members.
  • Environmental – John Sherman present earlier; no report at this time
  • By-Laws – Bob Wolf
A by-law and a rule are being considered for possible restructuring; further information pending.
  • Audit – no report
The transition from the old system to QuickBooks is being worked on; is not seamless.Mark Pearson will report soon, per Bob van Schoorl
  • Quartermaster – no report
  • CSP – no report
  • Reciprocal Moorage – no report
  • Nominating – no report
  • Unfinished Business
Lakefair will be Wednesday, July 11th thru Sunday, July 15th
Volunteers to assist with parking lot, taking money will be sought, possibly the Sailing team or a Boy Scout troop.  This is the first year we will have owned the gravel lot. Income from parking should be substantial per usual.
  • New Business
Mark Peckler – Have we lost many of our Rubbermaid carts?  Discussion. People keeping them in their boathouses should be reported to Mainstation chair.
Bob Wolf – 82/100 even-numbered slips/BH inspections have been done.  For one or two of them, he is not sure what will happen; the owner is refusing to participate in the inspection.
Andrea Sehmel – Can ‘No Wake’ signs be installed or words painted in large letters on end boathouses; water-skiers during Lakefair last year in front of 600 dock were a concern.  - Under consideration by Mainstation chair.
PC Jim Sheerer – 4th of July Cruise notification. Two emails have been circulated about the cruise per Bill Sloane and Marty Graf.  Discussion regarding parking boats closer together at IH so there aren’t 20-25’ gaps.  Bumpers should be set-out in anticipation of incoming boats needing to raft by every boat.  Unfortunately, this was not done at Memorial Day and we need to make everyone feel welcome, especially new members not familiar with Island Home practices.
Bruce Snyder - Formal request for Rule change regarding flotation: We’re labelled as a Clean Marina.  We still allow foam logs when BHs are being remodeled. DNR, however, no longer permits logs. Bruce sent a photo of a BH to some BOT members; that particular plastic-wrapped Styrofoam log was installed less than 12 months ago and is leeching into the water. Requesting the BOT meet.  Asking the Board to put a moratorium on new and more flotation logs until further investigated and submit a Rule change per protocol on page 145 of the Directory. Need tubs, not foam. DNR has been asking people to change since 2000. Tim Ridley and Mark Fleischer state we are recently requiring tubs only. Bob van Schoorl stated we need to talk with installers Eli and Travis to let them know we are not allowing this anymore. Will ask Steve Finney (Club RBAW liaison) to obtain documentation from our RBAW representative.
Mark Fleischer – Need to start imposing fines for members who do BH remodeling without first seeking permission from the Moorage Master and the BOT. Discussion.
Bob van Schoorl stated that following a tour with a DNR Aquatics specialist several months ago, we learned that black tires must also go away. We need a phase-out cycle enacted, specific to slips and BHs, to ensure members make the changes. 
BVS responded to RBAW questionnaire recently. Items DNR has requested were pointed out a number of times as having been done voluntarily… hopefully, this will improve our future lease negotiations.
•           For the Good of the Order – Thanks to Joe Downing for his service as the Budget & Finance chair
Next BOT meeting Weds., July 11th (First night of Lakefair)
  • Adjourned at  2001 h
Andrea Sehmel
Secretary, OYC Board of Trustees
Fleet Surgeon Memo – Rich Hurst
Island Home Report – Earl Hughes
Memorial Day Cruise Financial report – Bill Sloane, PC
Sailing Program financial report – Fern Zabriskie